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COSTARS is a new approach to the Cooperative Purchasing Program. COSTARS encourages the formulation of an interactive partnership between Local Public Procurement Units and the Commonwealth.

There are over 3,000 Local Public Procurement Units taking advantage of existing Commonwealth contracts. Our goal is to provide better contracts with excellent pricing, while increasing participation of eligible participants.

COSTARS is a pre-bid state contract specifically for municipal government, a municipality must sign up to partake in the program. Save time and money by particpating in the COSTARS program, sign up by clicking here.

More information about the Costars Program and the Participation of Dallas Data Systems, Inc. can be found HERE.

Attendees to the October 2006 Caselle user conference where shown the most recent version of the PERMIT-n-FORCE Permitting and Building Code application.
The big news from the conference is an agreement between Caselle and Dallas Data Systems, Inc. for distributions of PERMIT-n-FORCE. > MORE<
PERMIT-n-FORCE includes a powerful Code and Fee Maintenance module. Based on the standard UCC codes, this module is easily customized since there is Complete User
Control over the Local and UCC Codes that are input into the system. > MORE<
PERMIT-n-FORCE is expanding their distributor channel! If your company is interested in becoming a reseller, please contact us for more information.

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